And 3D Printing Is…

And 3D printing is…?:

The making of parts and products using a computer-driven, additive process, one layer at a time. 3D printing builds plastic and metal parts directly from CAD drawings that have been cross sectioned into thousands of layers. It provides a faster and less costly alternative to machining (cutting, turning, grinding and drilling solid materials).

Used for making both prototypes as well as final products, 3D printing evolved from the “rapid prototyping” industry, pioneered by Chuck Hull of 3D Systems in the mid-1980s.

The uses are amazing, from printed planes to 3D acoustic guitars, services like Ponoko and imaterialise are making it easy to buy and sell designs made from 3D printers.

You can buy a well crafted printer for under $2,000 and Kickstarter has been a great place for makers to sell both newly designed printers and their wares.

Modeling can be tough! Check out this getting started guide.

Will 3D printing be the next stage of the industrial revolution? Could change your life. And you can print money…but be warned of the ethical and intellectual property right issues that you may encounter when printing.

The question to ask is are we entering a printed world?

16. December 2012 by objectblog1
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