3-D Food Printers Hit Home


Cornell robotics engineer Hod Lipson says 3-D food printing will give home cooks revolutionary new options for convenience, customization.

The days of multiple kitchen appliances jostling for a share of counter space may be on the wane, if robotics engineer Hod Lipson has his way.

Instead, the countertop array of kitchen appliances could be reduced to one all-purpose machine: a home-size 3-D printer that stacks food ingredients layer upon layer, with precise directions from a design file that dictates how the printer jet will deposit each ingredient. Think bread machine. Only bigger. And smarter.

“You pop in basic ingredients, or frozen ingredients, into a printer, download the recipe from online, and hit print,” says Lipson, director of Cornell University’s Creative Machines Lab, whose team created the first food 3-D printer about a decade ago. “The machine will create your food for you.” via

10. March 2015 by objectblog1
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