Desarrollan un nuevo método para impresiones 3D con vidrio

La impresión 3D es una técnica para crear objetos que está ganando cada vez mayor importancia en la manufacturación de nuevos productos. La técnica fue utilizada inicialmente para producir prototipos a una velocidad mucho mayor que la que se obtiene por otros métodos. Hoy día está empezando a usarse en la fabricación de piezas para diferentes tipos de productos, desde plantillas para zapatillas personalizadas hasta piezas de automóviles. via

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3-D Food Printers Hit Home


Cornell robotics engineer Hod Lipson says 3-D food printing will give home cooks revolutionary new options for convenience, customization.

The days of multiple kitchen appliances jostling for a share of counter space may be on the wane, if robotics engineer Hod Lipson has his way.

Instead, the countertop array of kitchen appliances could be reduced to one all-purpose machine: a home-size 3-D printer that stacks food ingredients layer upon layer, with precise directions from a design file that dictates how the printer jet will deposit each ingredient. Think bread machine. Only bigger. And smarter.

“You pop in basic ingredients, or frozen ingredients, into a printer, download the recipe from online, and hit print,” says Lipson, director of Cornell University’s Creative Machines Lab, whose team created the first food 3-D printer about a decade ago. “The machine will create your food for you.” via

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3D Printing: Employment Boom or Employment Swoon?

We have already seen intense debates concerning what the outcome of a 3D printing economy may be. Traditionally technology has created more jobs than it has destroyed. When computers began to emerge on the scene in the 1970′s, talks of job losses were nearly as intense as they are today, surrounding 3D printing. What happened? The majority of people were wrong. Just think about how many jobs the Googles, Apples, and Microsofts of the world have created over the past decade alone. via

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Will 3D Printing Change Everything?

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Silk 3D Printing


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What’s being called the world’s first 3D printing photo booth is set to open for a limited time at the exhibition space EYE OF GYRE in Harajuku. From November 24 to January 14, 2013, people with reservations can go and have their portraits taken. Except, instead of a photograph, you’ll receive miniature replicas of yourselves. via

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Featured Designer : David Tsai

David Tsai is an adjunct professor at Houston Community College and an award winning industrial designer who loves 3D printing.


How did you get involved with 3D printing?

My first involvement with 3d printing was in having a case design prototyped for a freelance design client. After that, I was excited to explore my own ideas and the opportunities that 3d printing provides..

What kind of things do you design?

I design objects that people interact with, functional objects ranging from furniture to pull up bars to iphone cases.

What makes your work different?

In my work the aesthetic is guided by idea and function. I aim for a balance of function and aesthetic, but function is definitely the main driver dictating how my designs will look. I love minimal, structural, efficient, quirky…and of course beautiful, forms, but the key factor is that the form has to do something, it has to work.

How do you think 3D printing has changed and will change?

3d printing has made a huge jump this year into the broad public’s consciousness, everyone now knows of or at least heard of 3d printing. I think it will change in improved fidelity, wider range of materials, larger scale capability and increased availability to broader public.

What types of materials do you like to use?

I like the glossy metals.

What has been your favorite object to make?

I think I need to do more before declaring my favorite, too early to tell.

Why do you think 3D printing is effective in design?

You can explore ideas quickly, and create form that is difficult or impossible to do with traditional manufacturing processes.

Which 3D printer machine do you like to use?

The ones they have at Shapeways. Unfortunately, I do not yet have my own.

What would you say to the aspiring 3D designer?

Start with something small and easy and also learn to also build things with your hands. Get a good understanding of the physical world and physical objects. The real world and real materials behave very differently than the perfect world of 3d on your computer screen.

What would you like to design this year?

A beautiful useful object that a lot of people can benefit from.

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Robotic additive manufacturing fabrication, innovative materials and computational tools have created FabClay. Read about this here.

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3D Printing and Startups

A ball. A cup. A gear. Even an electric car. 3-D printers can’t print money, but they can produce prototypes for almost anything else. And as prices for the desktop devices drop, entrepreneurs are seeing them kick out something more: tangible business results.

3-D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, uses technology born of paper printing. But rather than outputting two-dimensional renderings, it makes actual physical objects. There are a few methods. Fused deposition modeling printers push heated material through a tube (much like inkjets), “printing” objects in three dimensions, one layer at a time. Selective laser sintering (SLS) units, meanwhile, operate like laser printers, shining a high-powered beam of light onto a bed of powdered resin, turning it into a hardened material. And stereolithography works similarly to SLS, but with liquid resin.

Read the article at Entrepreneur Magazine

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Featured Designer : Salokannel

Colors of Birch by Salokannel is a high quality fashion brand. We are focused on wearable products such as eyewear and jewelry. All products are made with 3d-printing.

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